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The Renaissance Musician's Book of Grounds

The Renaissance Musician's Book of Grounds

The Renaissance Version of "The Baroque Musician's Book of Ground."

Popular Elizabethan Lute Music

Music for Renaissance Lute in French tablature. The most popular Lute pieces of the Elizabethan period with multiple variants from manuscript and print sources. 

Early English Lute Music

English Lute music in French tablature from the earliest known sources.

Renaissance Lute Lessons  

A Brief Discourse & Method

This title will be a comprehensive yet not overblown method & lessons for Renaissance Lute. With historical & modern depictions of Lute technique, performance practice, comprehensive tablatures, and a few things that might upset the status quo of contemporary Lute performance.


The completion of this edition will require some crowdfunding; please see this link: (Coming Soon) for details. 

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